Non-blocking ADC converter class

The built-in analogRead() function blocks until the conversion is ready; for most scenarios this behavior is ok. However, for a high-responsive systems such behavior would be unacceptable. Another reason I wrote this small non-blocking class is because I bought a lcd-keypad shield, and then I built some improved clones: The keypad is implemented through an […]

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Building the Optiboot bootloader

The optiboot source code blundled along the Arduino package is out of date; it means, it doesn’t compile with the newer GCC releases. I got this similar situation, while trying to build my own release as of march 2018 (AVR-GCC 4.9). As it was suggested in the post I got the latest release on github. […]

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The primary goal of this blog is to keep track of my advances on using Arduino in a proffesional way; of course I hope all that info is useful for you.

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