The Molcajete project: where Arduino meets FreeRTOS

It's ready the bundle in which you can program your Arduino apps using the FreeRTOS kernel. You can download it from The Molcajete project The Molcajete project by Xavier R OVERVIEW The aim of this project is to program Arduino apps using the world's most downloaded real time kernel, FreeRTOS, in a terminal through Arduino-mk… Seguir leyendo The Molcajete project: where Arduino meets FreeRTOS

Non-blocking ADC converter class

The built-in analogRead() function blocks until the conversion is ready; for most scenarios this behavior is ok. However, for a high-responsive systems such behavior would be unacceptable. Another reason I wrote this small non-blocking class is because I bought a lcd-keypad shield, and then I built some improved clones: The keypad is implemented through an… Seguir leyendo Non-blocking ADC converter class